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BAAL TEASIG conference 2020

Milton Keynes

Language assessment literacy in a digital age.


​BAAL TEASIG wishes to encourage students to attend and get the most out of the conference. And this year, we have something new just for you!


We invite any Masters or PhD student doing work relevant to the conference theme or even to language testing and assessment research in general to come and give a 3-minute summary of their work in progress. Don't worry, it doesn't need to be finished!

Quite simply:

  • Just give a short (up to 3-minute) oral summary of your research interest.

  • Tell us about any research you have conducted or plan to conduct.

  • No need to make a PowerPoint, a poster or other presentation. Keep it simple!

During the lunch break, we will also give space and time for anyone attending to come and chat to you about your ideas. This can be a great way of meeting other people with similar research interests or experience in your field, and a great way to get feedback and new ideas about where to go next in your research.

For any further information, please get in touch at

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