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BAAL TEASIG Conference

Nottingham 2018

"Designing and assessing integrated skills tests."

A one-day conference held at Nottingham Trent University 

(City Campus) on Friday, 13 April 2018.

Invited speakers

Tineke Brunfaut (Lancaster University)

Completing integrated tasks online: the test-taker experience


Ifigeneia Machili, Iris Papadopoulou, Zoe Kantaridou & Theoklia Rezouli (University of Macedonia, Greece)

The effect of strategy instruction on students' integrated writing performance (slides available)

Sathena Chan (University of Bedfordshire)

Developing integrated rating scales: Criterial features of L2 reading-into-writing performance

Sonja Zimmerman (TestDaF-Institut, Bochum, Germany)

Reading-writing relations in summarization - Insights from eye tracking and stimulated recall

Andrea Revesz (University College London), Marije Michel (University of Utrecht),

Nektaria Kourtali (University College London) & Xiaojun Lu (University College London)

Investigating L2 writing processes using eye-tracking, keystroke-logging and stimulated recall

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