BAAL TEASIG Conference

Luton 2013

"Setting standards for professional
and academic contexts"

A one-day conference held at the University of Bedfordshire

(Putteridge Bury campus) on Tuesday 11 June 2013

John Field photo (small).JPG

John Field (University of Bedfordshire)

Listening and the law: the case of the test taker who needed to fail

14:15 Online sign-in opens

14:30  Webinar welcome and introductions

             - Dr Veronika Timpe-Laughlin: Overview of the methodological developments is assessing L2 pragmatics

             #3 minutes students and researchers give presentations and discuss research questions

              # Shishi Zhang (University College London): Assessment of L2 pragmatic competence using video-conferencing

              # Małgorzata Turska: Relating pragmatic features of professional spoken English to level descriptors of the CEFR

              # Ananda Muhammad (Iowa State University): The construct of pragmatic competence in a university setting as
                  evidenced by a domain analysis

             Wider audience discussion of issues relating to pragmatics and language assessment


16:00 Close