Spotlight on... Pragmatics and language assessment

14:30-16:00 (GMT) 19th March 2021

The new BAAL TEASIG webinar series opens with a Spotlight on Pragmatics.


We are delighted to welcome Dr Veronika Timpe-Laughlin from ETS as our guest speaker. Veronika has published extensively on the role of pragmatics in language assessment in many prestigious journals in addition to authoring/co-authoring several well-respected books.

Invited speaker


Overview of the methodological developments in assessing L2 pragmatics

This presentation will provide an overview of methodological developments in assessing L2 pragmatics. A particular focus will be placed on how the conceptualisation of the construct has changed over time and how the changes were manifested in assessment instruments. Challenges and recommendations for measuring L2 pragmatics will also be discussed.


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Would you like to present in the webinar?

If you are a student or researcher and would like to receive supportive and constructive feedback from the audience on a research question you are working on, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you! Your presentation opportunity will consist of:

  • 3 minutes to present your ideas and a question for feedback using up to 3 slides

  • 5 minutes to discuss your research question together.


If you would like to discuss your ideas in the Spotlight webinar, drop us an email at giving:

  • a short summary of your project (up to 80 words)

  • a research question you’d like to discuss

  • your course of study

  • contact details

Closing date for submitting presentations is Monday March 8th 2020.

14:15 Online sign-in opens

14:30  Webinar welcome and introductions

             - Dr Veronika Timpe-Laughlin: Overview of the methodological developments is assessing L2 pragmatics

             #3 minutes students and researchers give presentations and discuss research questions

              # Shishi Zhang (University College London): Assessment of L2 pragmatic competence using video-conferencing

              # Małgorzata Turska: Relating pragmatic features of professional spoken English to level descriptors of the CEFR

              # Ananda Muhammad (Iowa State University): The construct of pragmatic competence in a university setting as
                  evidenced by a domain analysis

             Wider audience discussion of issues relating to pragmatics and language assessment


16:00 Close