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Spotlight on... Openness and transparency in language testing
Wednesday 13th December 2023

Our BAAL TEASIG Spotlight webinars focus on a particular aspect of applied linguistics and how it impacts upon language testing, evaluation and assessment.

In the sixth BAAL TEASIG webinar, we will discuss Open Science, its potential advantages and challenges, and its implications for language assessment, a field where commercial drive and competition are serious considerations.


Our aim is to bring together different perspectives from academia, commercial testing organisations, and journals/publishers in an informal environment that fosters discussion and reflection on this topic. We webinar will start with a talk by Dr Meng Liu of the Beijing University of Foreign Studies, who will give an overview of open science and its relationship with applied linguistics. This will be followed by two short point of view pieces by two invited speakers, Professor Lynda Taylor of CRELLA, the University of Bedfordshire and Professor Paula Winke of Michigan State University, giving academic and commercial perspectives on the case for or against open science. There will then be a panel discussion with the audience where the debate for enhancing transparency and openness in language testing while addressing the potential challenges can be discussed.


Attendees may be interested to know that the topic of this webinar follows on from the theme of the 56th BAAL conference on ‘Opening up applied linguistics’ held in York, August 2023.

To register for free, click here.

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