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On this page, you will find video presentations from BAAL TEASIG conferences and Spotlight webinars. Click a theme to jump to it on this page.

Benjamin Kremmel
 Assessment literacy 
Assesmen literacy
Susan Sheehan - circle.png
Automatic scoring
 Automatic scoring 
Jing Xu - circle.png
Barry O'Sullivan - circle.png

Professor Barry O'Sullivan, Trevor Breakspear, William Bayliss
(British Council, UK & China)

Validating a language test's auto-scoring model 

 China Standards of English and test alignment 
John Pill - circle.png
China Standards of English

Professor Sarah Cushing  & Dr Haoshan Ren (Georgia State University)

 Comparing assessments 
Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 13.55.21.png
Comparing assessments
 Digital assessment tools 
Denise Whitelock - circle.png
Digital assessment tools
 Digital vs paper tests 
Cala Pastorino - circle.png
Digtal vs paper tests
 EMI - English as a Medium of Instruction 
Nate Owen - circle.png

Dr Nate Owen (Oxford University Press, UK)

 ESP - English for Specific Purposes 
John Pill - circle.png
Dan Isbell - circle.png
Fabiana MacMillan - circle.png
Jim Ranalli - circle.png
Sha Liu - circle.png

Dr Sha Liu & Professor Guoxing Yu (University of Bristol)

Azrifa - circle.png

Azrifah Zakaria, Dr Vahid Aryadoust
(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Machine learning for language assessment:

assumptions and fairness

Machine learning
 Machine learning 
Vahid - circle.png
 Online delivery 
David Booth - circle.png
Online deliery
Veronika Timpe-Laughlin - circle.png
Test-taker perecptions
 Test-taker perceptions 
Sonja Zimmermann - circle.png
Young learners
Szilvia Papp - circle.png
 Young learners 
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